Meet Georgina Jones
Photographer . Creative

When my photographer husband Carl got tired of me constantly asking him to snap pictures of our firstborn, I picked up the camera myself! My skills expanded along with our family and I discovered a talent for capturing those special moments that comprise the everyday essence of life. I evolved from a full blown “mamarazzi” who didn’t always live in the moment because I was trying to capture it for my scrapbook to an experienced photographer who embraces the imperfect. As my sons and skills at capturing them grew, I discovered how to make room for the unexpected shot that turns out to be the most cherished.

One of my favorite subjects to shoot is children, and I’ve mastered how to get the real perfect shot—the one that shows their true essence and personality. Depending on the setting we’ll crank up some kid-friendly tunes. My style is to not direct much, rather, letting each child do their own thing while I capture every moment.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m all about my memories and I have three things that ensure I’ll never put down my camera; my boys Justin and Nathan, and Carl who gives me a hard time—ok, encourages me—to continue to develop my craft.

“I’m passionate about sharing your stories through my lens. If you want a photographer that just “gets” you and your family, let’s chat! ”